Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

yes, not only is tomorrow "Thanksgiving", but it also signals the seaons to....

start and watch the complete "Dragonball" and "Dragonball Z" series. YAY. I'm a DBZ junkie. There's no doubting that. I have two or three series of anime that I watch in early to late winter: DBZ and "Fist of the North Star". Yes, I know. They have nothing in common except, they're great anime, in my opinion, that is. What real action movies do I watch more than once a year? Now that I'd have to think about. I'm pretty sure I love more of my anime than I do my real life action stuff. I do have a new one though, "A Woman, A gun and a Noodle shop". I get a kick out of watching that. If you get a chance, see it or rent it.
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