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The Lurker is sick???

Why is it, I never hear anything until its over with. Not that I could do anything to help, but still.....
I can't believe I haven't posted anything in over 10 days. I've been a little busy, but I could still make time for this LJ.
I've developted what feels like an inflamation in my left eye. oh boy. So, I'm back taking the nasty Celbrex thing. I hate drugs....
I actually got a offer for a credit card: but with the fees and costs, it piled $220.oo on the card before I could use it. What a greedy world we live in. That sucks. I attempted to get a little closure with "that" club I used to belong to. They owe me some bucks for books I got to fulfill my duties,which I passed on to the new person. Well, they didn't pay me and it looks like they won't either. bitch bitch bitch...sorry, but I do get tired of having people use me for a floor mat. Otherwise, things seem to be going okay dokay, considering it is 38 degrees outside right now. yikes. "snowmobiling tomorrow??'
Hey, it is finals time almost. Good luck.

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