Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

ok, I can finish my post.

oops col means, "Oops, Cat on lap". I can't type with a furball on my lap. Now Bob over at Roberts Anime Corner store can do that, and does for each Friday news bullentine. I can't.
lets see, I have oodles to do and watching for the first winter snow fall of the year is number one. ha ha ha. oh boy. I tell you, if you folks had the weather people we do over here..... They refer to 1 1/2 inch of rain fall as "sprinkles" but oh if the wind gets higher than 10, look out! The sad thing is they've turned news reporting and weather forecasting into a drama presentation. Just tell the news, we don't really need the drama. There, now I'll fall off my soapbox. But it is silly at times.
I watched some good anime last night: wicked city and now am looking for twilight of the dark master. It's gone! oh well.

now go have a safe and great weekend.
Yes, I do remember what I was doing and where I was 50 years ago. I'll never forget that terrible time.

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