Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

It just needed a little muscle, thats all.

I'm referring to "Thor", the wonder computer. I finally got the new system installed, and then was faced with 798 megs of updates!!!!!
as of now, with no more updates available for my Windows 7 OS, that is taking up 31 Gig's of hard drive space! Wow, talk about bloated software!
But this is the last time. My last computer before this one, lasted 11 years. Now that's a record to pass. LOL. "That's a good one". I am seriously thinking of installing Linux or Unix. ( maybe a Red Hat version?)
Had a night visitor last night. ( now that made a lot of sense, didn't it!) I tried to learn to use the controllers for the PS-3. I was running "Sky rim". WOW. These designers just keep on getting better and better. How they outdo themselves is a mystery, but they surely do. Talk about breathtaking. It's so great to see a product where the people who designed it loved what they were doing. Now that seems rare today. But I'm glad I have the change to behold it.
Ok, take a deep breath: I'm going to install Office pro 2013. I want my mommy!!!

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