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"The Hard Drive is now populated......"

Gee, whats a guy got to do, to adjust drive letters. You wouldn't believe it. I erased Microsoft Office 97 within 2 nanoseconds or so. presto...gone! But, I finally got the letters right ( for me), and now my DVD drive is acting up. I tell you,

if it isn't one thing.....
Well I just got back from looking at my old web site, one month later. Can you see where I was crying? 6 months of work, over $300.00 bucks of software, and he trashed it within 2 minutes. This is the guy, who said he had made web pages before. Yeah right, and I'm a Mongolian Skin Diver. What a jerk. I mean, leave the site up, and create your own for gosh sake, but don't trash the working site. gee......
But, hey, it does represent the club as it operates, so what the heck. Did you hear that?? it is thunder and lightening. yikes. time to go,
there, now I feel better.
Hope you all have decent weather and no storms.

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