Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

now that was a special Sunday.

I finally figured out how to use the product key for Adobe Standard XI: The product key will only work on the downloaded version of the product, not the DVD disc version??? Well, now that's simple to understand, right? But it's working ok now. I also discovered that one of the best graphical software titles I have, is no longer being sold. My software shelve is becoming loaded with dead software. expensive stuff too!
On the bright side, my neighbor who was worried that I wasn't eating properly since I had the flu 2 weeks ago, bought me a Meijer's deli chicken. I swear, I almost ate the whole thing in one sitting! I then realized I haven't had a good meal since October 30th! I patted my tummy, because it felt so good. Yum yum.
Then about 10PM, Rich D stopped over and Demonstrated how he could get my Dvd player to connect to my computer and play music or video over the tv. Then he did like wise with his cell phone. amazing stuff. I also got the name of a web site that sells outdoors tv antenna's: solid signal.
Now, Scooter and I are waiting for the first snow of the season to show up. if not today and this week, for sure the middle of next week. Yay, my snow dance has worked!
Now, to cabbage soup for dinner or not, now that is the question. Happy Veterans Day.

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