Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

just think, one year ago, we had presidential elections and "Fake" News predicted

President Obama would win Ohio. Karl Rove wouldn't believe it. He then went on to make a complete ass of him self for the remainder of the night. ah....sweet memories.
Last nights election wasn't anything as funny. nuts.
But, I'm feeling better, slowly, but surely. Dam this virus! If I were an older person....... My neighbor who came down with it one day before me, is in the hospital! I pray she will come out of this.
Are you a betting person? What do you bet I start to get flu shots this coming January.
Eventful night. I discovered one of my DVD series anime collections disc is bad. Not cracked, but won't play at all. Here's the kicker: the company who made the series, Bandai, is no more. so......I hunt around and see if I can replace it. "Witch Hunter Robin". Who would have thought that would have gone bad! So, off to the hunt.......
(So far, I've found one scab who will sell me the whole $59.95 collection for $395.95.)
Ok, Off I go.

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