Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

a good nights sleep...with scooter the cat scratching and curling up almost on top of me.

I never saw a dog do that. They like to be with there masters. Cats, they are the master!
First off, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Bradford. Yay. hope you have fun and joyous time.
I decided to become ( put in word "ACT") an adult today. I canceled an order I put in so I could get stuff only an adult would get. Some times it's grumpy and ho hum to be an adult. ( figure what that last meant!)
so, here it is, Saturday, and all dressed up and no place to go. hmmmmmm. Actually, there is a place I'll like to visit today. Our museum has a animatronics display of dinosaurs ( don't feed the dinosaurs!). It would be interesting because it looks like they actually built these babies from the latest description of how they looked, and walked. but, it is going to rain and get cold today. perfect football weather, especially for Michigan State vs U. of M.

back later.

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