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Hey, thats thunder I'm hearing.....

Wow, neato! Keen, and KEWL. April showers may actually bring May flowers. Two weeks ago, we had freezing rain and snow. I just downloaded a bunch of manuscripts from a museum: they finally, after many years, digitized them. Now I can read up on Brontosaurs and other critters from the past. I've been busy thinking about purchasing the services of a dumpster company so I can throw out MY ENTIRE PAST LIFE. ( I bet that sent shivers up your spine) 20 foot by 8 by 4 is anywheres from 180 to 290. But, they all hold 6 tons. Now, can anybody save up 6 tons worth of junk in one lifetime??? YUPE. Next question. things I've just discovered I need:1. I need a new roof. 2. I do not have enough hard drive space to put ALL of my photographs. ( and these are all family, personal stuff)3.I need to get an electric starting lawn mower, so I get my "girly" figure back. ( Oh please......I'm a guy for gods sake). 4. My 4th samoyed, Blaze, is having his Bark-Day party this Saturday. He'll been here exactly one year. Oh, in dog talk, birthdays are Bark-days. We'll going to make a cake too.
5.I must get by all my tears, and replace my dogs web site. It's been too long and poor Blaze has been left off of it. Every time I go there, it hurts too much seeing my other three sammies, Pippin, Yogi and keiko. But, I have to get over that. The living need to be seen too.
I couldn't pass up on getting Microsofts Works 2001. 11 bucks! I have this feeling, they are going to drop that nice program. Too bad. I used it on my first computer. one of the first IBM AT's. I had to load works, by inserting 4 disks. how times change.
This is the last day of April.
Happy May day people.

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