Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Dreary, Soggy, cold Saturday...

Perfect Football weather! But I haven't watched a football game in years. Now, European Football, and Australian football, I watch.
I had a surprise last night while watching "Pacific Rim", again, yet. A group of kids, dressed up in Halloween costumes came knocking at my door: they were on a Scavenger hunt! What a list they had too. A bat, candle ( I had one and cheerfully gave it to them) a skelton key, old photograph and on and on with really weird stuff. I was sadden that all I could contribute was a candle. ( a three wick job too). Good for them. This is like the second time I've had scavenger hunters at my door. They had a fancy paper list all made out, with cut out figures from magazines and hand drawn figures. They really put time into doing this. I hope they did great.
Well, soggy Saturday. yuck. But on the bright side, without the butternut tree in my front yard, there are hardly any leaves to rake up. ( just wait till the dozen or so maples drop theirs!)
On to Saturday...
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