Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

almost time....

Once or twice a year, I get to missing "Dragonball Z", so I'll put out the dvd's and watch it. It is beginning to feel like that time of year again. Fall and early winter seems to be about right.
Today is busy Wednesday. Place the garbage and recycle carts on the curb. Make a 2nd half of the month grocery list out: sugar, grease and salt foods. one from each of the food groups! "When was the last time you heard anybody mention food groups?" I asked my Dr. about that, and he was going to have me see a Nutritionist. Wow, I remember getting those little cards that showed what food groups we needed to eat from each day. Now I have to see a Dr.??
I went backwards with my ordering a Sony PS-3. I bought Hitman and Skyrim. I already have Oblivion. I got that one 2 years ago. It probably would be very helpful if I actually had a Ps-3 to use them on, huh. or, should I have said "Duh?"

whistle while I work...

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