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"Another friend, hiding away from the world"

I just finished chatting with an old friend about how to reduce the salt content in Ramen soups( 2400mg's is just a tad high) when when after mentioning where I had gone shopping, she retorted, " I'm sorry, but the people who work there, are a LOWER CLASS of people- I dont' like them???" WFT?????? I mean....WTF????
Here I am, feeling Friskey, cause I just bough my brother a new pair of jeans, when I really can't afford them, and bought about 3 cases of mixed veggies ( I hate canned veggies, but there are times when it's convenient to use them) and called about having a drop bin left here so I can finally clean the house, and I thought I would share a special nice moment, only to hear that BS...WTF???
Oh,who are these "LOWER CLASS" folks???? a single mom, in her late twenties, with two kids. Three women in their late fifties to early sixties.. they all are working at a neighborhood grocery store, that to be sure, is old, but still, there was no reason to be that rude. All these people know me by my first name, always go out of their way to be of help. Wait a minute, I know what I'm not figuring in. the person I was talking with! She only has to clean her in the ground swimming pool, watch tv, refinance their house, like 2 times in 1 year Yeah, now I see. What a fool I've been. Anybody could see how they're "LOWER CLASS", right?
She also stated that the only reason a person can't get a job right now, is that they're lazy. "Just look at the housing market right now. It's a buyers market!" Is this person a dope, or what??
Me thinks I don't like this person very much right now. To attack others, who can't stick up for themselves, is at best cowardly, at worse, totally uncalled for and rude.
How insensitive!
Life can present some tearful moments. When good friends drift apart. But when they put a wedge between friends and the world.....
time to rest my aching heart.

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