Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

See the girl sleeping up there? That's what I wanted to do today. but a fur ball

decided nope. so here I be, watching the dark clouds move across the sky, bringing rain and much colder temp. YAY. Fall is about to slid away and make room for WINTER and with it S.N.O.W. ah....dreams do come true!
I had a very productive Tuesday. I finally got my neighbor's application submitted to the school system, I put an community ad in our local newspaper and of course, held the cat. I'm deciding if I want to pass out Halloween candy or not. It's pretty bad when the kids are driven around the neighborhood, looking for lighted and friendly houses to visit. I'll see. of course, with the price of candy being as high as it is, I'm tempted to give layaway offers for candy. Just kidding. or not?

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