Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Fall. that time of year when one really appreciates anime!

It's true. I first got introduced to anime at 3:30AM, on the old SciFi channel. They were showing a highly edited and shortened version of Armitage. I got hooked. That was several years ago, when Scifi and even Encore showed anime. ( Encore showed the entire Bubblegum crisis, both series) So, as I sit wondering why I keep Comcast on, maybe I'll watch Dragonball and Dragonball Z. I have actually watched the complete series 3 times already. seems to be a yearly thing with me.

Now to todays events. Princess the homeless cat woke me and Scooter up this morning. She was hungry! Yes, I'm buying cat food for an outdoors cat and scooter. Iam's cat food. Princess is an abandoned kitty. the people either moved out and left her, or more likely, foreclosure put them out. Princess ( my name for her) was left to fend for herself. some times I wonder about people.
Today I have to also finally register my neighbor for her retirement. She is not too hot with computers.

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