Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

See the Mickey Mouse icon up there? Thats how our goverment is

being ran. Well, 1/3 of it anyway. I tried to send both Gort and Mr.Bumpy, but to no avail. You really have to know when to pull your finger out from the flames. They don't!
But on to better things. YAY. Grocery Day. YAY. Do you know how temping it is to walk down the candy aisle at the store? or the meat counter ( I hear they're planning on offering a lay-away plan for hamburger!). I swear, I gain 10 lbs just walking through the store. but, it's all good stuff. Jasmine rice. YUM! I better quit while I'm ahead. see you bye. off I go. ( notice how I'm still here?)

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