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Another quiet day... somethings a foot?

Should I buy the Gundam Wing model or not???? I say Yeah!!! I haven't built a model anything since those two submarine models I made 15 years ago. They were neat too. Both were cut away sections of a whole submarine, in this case, a German U-2 and USA's Nautilus.Wow. I wish I had them around now. I used to stare at them when I was really tired and pretend I was aboard them and we were in Lake Michigan trying to find a way out to the ocean. I said I was tired, didn't I??
I hear these new models are much better quality, so maybe I'll give it a go. I was about to order a Gundam model last winter when the company I was going to place the order with went out of business..... Business sucks!!
Well, it's either buy a model, or start a closer friendship with that gal in my neighborhood.
should I vote on this or what???
oh well.. My puter buyer called, Yes, he's bringing cabbage rolls over for tomorrow nights supper???? Duh???
I'll write more later.
tootles and cheers and I really hope these last 2 days of the week go smoothly for all of you.

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