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"On the good Rabbit, Easter Hop....."

Ok, I know I can't sing, but I can hum to beat the band. I just saw one of those really remarkable photographs, where the subject and the background blended, matched together perfectly. ( I'm trying to find the words, but its one of those really impressive photos that
I swear, this photo could be the cover for a album, or book!
That was one of the high points today. I discovered that the new PROFESSIONAL WEB MASTER changed the names on one of the buttons, to library. Which it isn't. It is exactly what it was labeled, archives. oh well. When one invests almost 10 years doing one thing, it is hard to simply let go. But, my next good news was that I got the go ahead to start creating a new site for folks with arthritis. yeah......oh, and I'll probably have to pay for it, cause most folks who have this arthritis don't really have oodles of money. Wow. neat. keen.....
So this week is it. 1. Start creating my personal site, " Web page that time forgot. 2. my Forever homes for my samoyed dogs 3. the arthritis one and 4.a new club's web site.
So, it looks like I'll be busy. Now, should I install ram to increase the ram to 512??? 256 may not be enough.
I know I need like a really big hard drive. I can't put all my web stuff on a 40 giger anymore. wow, I never ever thought I'd say that!!
oh, we could get freezing rain or /and snow tomorrow or tuesday. yeah....
Ok, nighty.

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