Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I bet even Gort has something to say about this......

So, like little spoiled kids, our "Tea" party favorites, and some renegade Gop'er, are actually planning on shutting down the whole government, because they can!
I'll bet a mouth full of cat hair not one of them has read the PPAHCA. All of my friends simply repeat what Rush, Sean, or the other mouth pieces over at Fox keeping saying ad nausium. How did these folks get elected anyway? Is one of the requirements Low, single digit I.Q. scores? Being able to pretend to actually say a whole sentence that appears to make sense, until you read it word for word.

How did we ever get like this??
I think I'll just simmer a while and then go out and mow the lawn before the great and terrible leaves fall in the fall.

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