Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

see all the food pictures changing up there?

Well, that's to remind me that today is grocery shopping and I should not go shopping while hungry. I had a good club meeting last night. I was filling in for our secretary and boy oh boy. I forgot how rough it can be! Folks mumble or say words so fast they forget I have to record this stuff. Other people forget the order in which we do things: committee reports, new business ect. they just chime right in when ever and where ever they feel like it.
but, it was nice. Till I couldn't find my minutes. The guy who gave me a ride mistook them for his, so now I have to write up the darn things by memory. Good practice!
This is a dangerous time. I ran out of kitty litter!! Scooter just told me about it. He started meowing at me at the base of the stairway and wouldn't go up till I went with him. he had to poop and there wasn't a clean area in the litter box! Shame on me. well guess what scooter, no fresh kitty litter till this afternoon! Scooter finally swallowed his pride and went bathroom. So yes, I'll get the 40 lb bags of litter. oh my aching back!


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