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Its' Holy Thursday........

As a catholic, I love Holy week. It is the most intense time of the Liturgical season for me. The Last Supper was held last night, about 2000 years ago, and continues today, at every Mass held throughout the world. This is a very special time this year, due to the shape this old world is in. I've never seen so much hatred in my entire life. From countries to families, it seems to blanket the whole world with its ugliness. But then, there are also those times when young girls make promises to badly hurt persons, and not even knowing who this person is, holds their hand.....

With all this blackness out there, all it took for me, was a single shining hand, offering an unconditional promise of hope.
There, I've said my piece.
Now I wish you all a most happy Easter+++
Have a great weekend!

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