Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Interesting week, so far.

I should probably say that with a grain of salt. Mr.Arthritis is visiting me and he's all over the place. yuck. and the only thing my wonder doctor will offer me is Analgesic's. That's all I need. Something to control pain while I damage my joints.
Hey, our weather set a record yesterday. The highest low we've ever had! 77degrees. within 2 days, the temp is supposed to drop 31 degrees. ah.......but no snow or falling leaves yet.
I really miss my friends. Death certainly has taken a toll on my loved ones. I just lost two more. The circle is getting smaller.
Hey, this is what happens during ones life. My life is so much better because I knew them. I should carry on.
so, now is the time when I formulate the excuse I'm going to give the club tonight on why I haven't finished the newsletter. bummer. any suggestions?

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