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It's, wait a minute....its winter. hold that thought...

its 80 degrees right now in Grand Rapids MI. Tomorrow, the high is only going to top off at 49 degrees. We have in our lovely forecast for the next 4 days, one thunderstorm, rain, freezing rain and here it comes ( place drum roll here) S.N.O.W.

On a more in tune with the weather story, I went to get a hair cut today, only to find out na da. not till Thursday,. yikes. ok. I got back home and got what I consider a snotty note from BMG. so...I'll fix them. I told them to re-open my account. That'll clean their clocks, that'll fix their wagon. ect ect... "Why,might you ask am I doing this?"
well, basically, I'm stupid. ok.
and, their catalog just is too big to be forgotten. nuts.
ok, now I get ready for the physical tomorrow.
should be interesting.

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