Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

A nice dinner....

I had my pal from Muskegon drop by yesterday and we watched some stupid car show where the guy goes buys really old cars for a song and then sells them for an outrages price. This is the show?? Then we decided to go out and eat. Well, that didn't work out too well: he forgot his money ( or better yet, the wife or kids helped themselves to it. LOL). So we went to Denny's and were seated at a table that was broke. It slanded to the floor! I didn't have to pass the ketchup, just put it up higher and it would slide down. Hey, adventures in dining!

Then got home in time to watch Session 9 on Comcast. It's a 2001 film with Dave Curuso. So now, it's back to school day over here. Funny, I haven't heard any school buses going by?

ok, back to meeting Tuesday HEAD ON. ( I talk big when I'm at the end of an entry!)

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