Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

another hot and humid day. and school starts next is already in session.

I just checked and yup, the lawn needs mowing. If it aint one thing! I woke up to my normal ritual: make coffee, toast or a eggo and listen to the local news on AM radio. Boy, is that ever a bad mistake! Our local station is trying to imitate clear channel. But they are failing big time. oh well, monkey see....

so, its grocery day over here. YAY me. There's nothing like going to a crowded store and watching out for electric carts from running over your feet and get in line behind a shopper with one of everything in her shopping cart. of course, it goes without saying, the clerk is, like me, half awake. ah.....this is how I'm to greet the last Thursday of August. About time too.

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