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It just gets better....

It truly was/is a beautiful day. High sixties, birdies chirping away. ah......
Then, a looming shadow over takes our hero, as he is looking over his stupid music CD account. WTF????
Ok, I'll back up a little: 2 weeks ago, my trusty music CD club, whatever you want to call it, called me up on the phone, saying they wanted to celebrate my 9 1/2 years with them. Could they send me a gift. You'll get coupons and things plus music. Oh boy.....sure...expecting a better deal than the buy 1 get 3 free deal I now get. oh wow....
REALITY SETS IN......I checked my account with them, they billed me FULL PRICE on 3 cds'...... I thought this must be a mistake, so I checked out the label titles: one Yo yo man, he's ok, one opera singer who was waiting table 2 days ago, and some other singer I've never heard of. Full price???
I cheerfully canceled my membership, informed them I expected more from them than K-Tell marketing gimmicks, especially with the world wide name they have, and said I was sending it all back. Thank you very much!
well, I was just looking over the classical music selection over at Musicchoice ( ha ha ha ha) and Amazon, they're ok, but its not the same. I wish a certain company could have nixayed on the cheap hawking routine. What ever were they thinking??? Did they do this to a CEO over at IBM? Or Chase Manhattan?
I used to buy about 1 to 2 dozen cd's a year, and more at christmas time. This just didn't make sense to me.
What good came about costing them postage ( I'm not paying for it) and losing me as a customer???? STUPID!!!
so, now I'm getting ready to meet and get a physical from my brand new physician. yeah.....

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