Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Another Friday....

Today, I get my wish fulfilled: I go grocery shopping. YAY ME. Let's see, how much hamburger at $4.99 per lb will I get??? Yeah, you bet. But, I can stock up on some things. I am losing weight and at about the right rate. 30 lbs within 14 months or so. coupled with exercise, I think that's about right for me. If I could exercise more, I would build muscles which weight more than attipose tissue. but, I'd look better.
What a changing world we live in. First, the big expensive movie comes out to the theaters, then, to DVD-Blu-ray. then maybe at the same time, to netflicks and red box and pay per view. But, a lesson to be learned, if you want the great movie on DVD or Blu-ray, get it as quick as you can. seems like there is a limit to the number of duplicates the studios will make. I can't believe movies I watched last year I have to hunt for and cross my fingers somebody will have it. This is nuts.

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