Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Tried to post earlier today, but C.O.L. prevented me.. ( Cat On Lap)

I'm doing laundry today and plan on watching Dragonball Z the Buu saga tonight. That should tell you something about what is on TV tonight.

Had a great New Years. My best friends wife, two daughters and grandchild stopped by. wow. the girls really grew! I swear, they were both at least a whole foot higher than their mom. Almost brough tears to my eyes. I really miss and know they all do too.
and my life simply isn't as full as it was.
so, decision time. should I save to buy the book I plan on getting ( no sweat) or plan for a Sony Play station. I really do not like X-box. They have had oodles of problems with that platform.
Ok, time to check on the laundry. Oh, I see our glorious House is still controled by bobble-heads.

Happy New Years.

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