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"A Thunder-Ice storm warning"

What month is this??? I'm listening as branches off every tree in the neighborhood, becomes weighted down, and snap. This is beginning to sound like The Jolly Green Giants idea of snap, crackle and pop!!
I got my Firewall software today: I chose Zone Aleart Pro, cause, Mcacauff'e firewall wouldn't work. Bummer!! I paided good money for that too.
tomorrow, if everything isn't iced over, I'll go and do my final shopping for our DVD player. I miss my music way too much to go this long without something....
I would love to get the super audio CD player, even though I think only the Rolling Stones have put their music on the new disc's. Hey, I get to play two of my favorites: music and anime. Can't beat that now.
I hope the war ends, like now....and everybody gets to go home by Sunday.
...Have a peaceful, safe, and loving weekend.

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