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another day.....

Well, Friday is upon us, and I think George Orwell's book 1984 wasn't fiction: it was a historical textbook!!!!
I can't wait to see what the networks decide to label the war effort this day. I am glad our military is safely making ground, and pray for their safety and very very quick return. I don't even know any of them, but I want them all home.
But, I don't want the good people of Iraq to be treated like "things" either. Life can certainly present some complex subjects.
My brother had the last of his upper teeth extracted today. 4, right in front. I was worried, cause he acted strangely. But he's better now. Hopefully, maybe a nice dvd would cheer him up. finally, I'm actually going to go get one.
now all I have to do, is stop recording with the VCR. Oh, I wish I had my betamax. let me count how I miss you.....
I still have a copy of "Shame shame on the dixie boys" and "Whoppee".
Enjoy your weekend.

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