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Winter's over. ha ha ha ha ha ha.....

Man, this is the pits. First, high temps near 70 last week, today, snowing and cold. my pal, ex-computer guru, who seems ok with taking a back seat while I burn through all the latest computer gizmos, brought over a server case. "Wow". 4 fans, one huge, but we can't find the stupid rating on it, power supply. idiot lights on the front for count them, 5 hard drives, a huge tape or dvd bay and your normal 3 1/2 floppy and ect. Wow. I bet it must weight about 50 pounds. All Black with feather touch opening door. Now I know where I'm going to put that dual Intel pentium II 450 gigabyte board. whoopie....
oh well, it was nice to dream. My Zero III can smoke that, and it's only a AMD XP 1800+.
How times and machines change. I hope April holds get things for all of us. Remember, the monkey is programing Cartoon Network on April fools day. Should be interesting. ( man,could I ever touch that.......wicked smile creeps across face)

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