Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Well all that hype and the Kings don't score.

so here we go for Saturday. Today I was reading everything you'd want to know about RAID systems. Yay for me! It's hard for me to justify spending $169.00 for two 1.0 terra byte drives, especailly when all my data combined probably isn't more than 850 gigs. without the music. so maybe this makes sense.

I'm happy with my new computer, "Thor". is has not locked up once in over 3 months of use ( I'm not counting some programs I use that do lock up, but they're known to do that).

Now I've checked the hard drive for errors and am about ready to re-install my final OS, windows 7 preminum. Yay me.

I think this will be my final OS install after I've read what Microsoft has done with Windows 8.
"Good luck with that"

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