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I don't believe it....I may actually be watching the last episode of

DragonballZ today, if it is the last episode and if the rain doesn't block the signal. Right now, I plugged everything back into the computer, cause the lightening and thunder finally moved out. ( my computer is scared of lightening and thunder-it wants to hide under my bed, with me holding it till the nasites go by)
I started watching DBZ about 3 years ago, and never thought they would put all of the episodes on the air. Of course, they've been edited, translated, actually had scenes removed, for our good of course, and left some completely out. ok.
I see they are now saying the war may last a "couple" of months and they're sending more folks over there. I hope the thing was over with right now. help out the folks over there, that have been mistreated and bring out people home. I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon. What a world...... Well, tonight is Friday night and TechTV will be showing the first 8 episodes of Silent Mobius. I think I'm in heaven.

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