Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

So here comes Monday.....Soggy Monday with Soggy cats.

Felt sorry for the furballs, so gave them both some Cat Nip. Their owners still haven't taken them to their new home. The puppy they got last year is moved in, but not the soggy cats. So I keep feeding them and hope for the best.

I did manage to get some yard work done Saturday, but the mowing will have to wait till Wednesday. Tomorrow we vote on increasing millage for our Jr. college and maybe I'll feel good enough after voting, to get a hair cut. yay me.

My friend talked me out of quiting the club. ( he really didn't, I just didn't want him to feel so bad about it- now, anyways.)

THE NY Rangers are on tonight. Yay us Hockey fans and all you Pucks out there.

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