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A quiet Monday...sort of...

Well, I finished up last week, today. I missed my second Dr.s appointment. I missed the one I had on Friday, and today I missed my Reumatologist. YEAH! Hey, at least I'm consistence. I called to see if I could save some bucks on the stomach medicine I take. It's $4.00 per pill and it does get expensive. My Dr. said to call, and he would give me samples, if he could. Well, I called and this is his last week of having a practice: Friday he is leaving the Sure, that makes sense, doens't it. He's a good Dr. exploring "WHY" your feeling the way you do, instead of piling pills on you. So, after I get done with this, I'm going to write a nice good bye and thank you letter to him. And this is only tuesday. yuck. I hope it does get better. Hey, I know, lets call the war off and buy Hussain a one way ticket to (fill in the blanks)
I'm off.

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