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One week later......

Wow, I'm impressed! It's been just about one week since I got DSL, and I want you all to know that my pop up adds, my porn e-mail adds and all the rest, come through at lighting fast speed. however, the stupid pet dog tricks page, still takes 2 weeks to load.
All kidding aside, I'm having a hard time not trying to dial up a connection each time I bring up my browser. It's a real problem. Good news, for some reason, I have a darn fast connection: over 650. But what do I know. Mcaufee's firewall will not work on this dsl for some reason, but zone alert will? Now go figure. I am taping "Spiderman". Wow what a kick. and to think that Sam Raimi went to Michigan State ( so did Rob Tabper(SP?))

Oh, gosh, I almost forgot. " Happy Saint Paddy's day, all you green wee people".

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