Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Grocery shopping is always an adventure.

You never know what buys you will find, like turnips on sale! Ok, but I was looking for Russian Rye bread ( good luck finding that). I got out of the grocery store with only spending about ten bucks. yup, only $10.00. I didn't say I got a lot, but enought till I sit down and make out the "BIG" list. I hate making out the "BIG" list. I always forget what I really wanted in the first place. oh well.

I'm runing "THOR", the wonder computer, through it's paces. Nothing better to test a computer than play a video game, especially one heavy with graphics. A good job for about anything Elder scrolls, i like Morrowind 3. oh well. back to spongebob square pants runs for congress.
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