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What a isn't supposed to be like this...

Wow, what a week, huh? I wish it were 20 years in the future and I could read what has and will be going to happen in this old world. It still doesn't make any sense. Maybe I'm a fool for trying to figure out why 19 people would kill themselves and then crash into buildings, filled with helpless people. And then say, " we're the infidels?"" Yeah, right. OKAY DOKAY?????
This kind of shit you usually read about in a history book, safely isolated from the mmediateness of the terrible events.
Not now. One day and the world changed.
I'm trying to get my mind off this shit,by building a new and hopefully vastly improved computer. This dual processor board is officially D.O.A. It is so dead, it snapped my ATX power supply off with a crack. So...... here I sit with a new video card ( 32 megs of ddr ram so I can smoke quake) a 40 gig hard drive, which i really don't need, but it was the only one there, 2 128 megs of ram, pc 100 ram to be exact, that won't fit in my old machine, which by the way, is slowly bitting the dust as I type. It is 5 years old! Pretty good life for a 'puter'. But I have my puter mother board buyer out looking for "anything" that will hold a chip at this stage. I can't be too fussy.
I've noticed a lot of folks are having Stress related troubles, cranky, can't sleep, high blood pressure, ect. The world is indeed, a very stressful place now.
I wish I had the money to finish college. ( go price the cost of a M.S. + Ph.D. over $95,000 now days plus 5 years) Now I just remembered why I didn't finish college.
Well, I've always got my AFD and Goku and Gohan, ok, piccolo too. I think I just lost my mind.
These are cartoon characters, these are cartoon characters.....
But are they???
p.s. I'm really glad torankusu got his dsl. he will really use it.

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