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"It works! " Finally.

after much tossing and turning, and trying to decide if DSL is affordable,
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after much tossing and turning, and trying to decide if DSL is affordable,<lj-cut"text="Hey, click me for the rest"> My old isp provider, at&t raised their rates. That was the push I needed. So tonight, I'm crusing along at "something" and it is ok..Not WOW. just o.k..
I still ( no, I didn't forget) have to finish Lurkers and otanas and Processors' animatatronic icon thingie. Gosh, I wish I had some programs that did what I need to do....
The good thing about this DSL thing,is now I can post photographs. yeah.....
Here comes the beefcake(????)
oh, I'm really enjoying Futurama. Bart simpson in the year 3000.
now play nice and love.

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