Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Rule #1. Never, ever go shopping when your hungry!

Picking a few things up can turn into a dump truck load of grocies. However, I plan on doing the main shopping over the weekend, when there are only a few people shopping( like 20,000!). and nothing seemed like it was on sale. What gives?
And to think, not that long ago, I was living on $39.00 of food a month. Sure, I going to college, but I still ate ok. I didn't, however, eat at the college! Made my own snickers doodles too. yum yum. Loved making those cookies, especially rolling the dough in the cinnamon. again, yummy.

Now I buy my cookies. oatmeal. I tried to bake them once and wow, it looked for the world like something Godzilla stepped in!.

Well, with a new computer, it would seem my 9 year old Samung monitor is about to die. I think a nice 20.1 monitor?? led, if I can find one. And not refurblished. I have nothing against refurblished stuff, but I do not like a 2 month warranty. is it really back to operational condition??

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