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Hey, it's another FRIDAY night! Yeah.....I'm all alone..sigh..

oh well. its my own fault. I had several chances to take my dog for a walk, but decided not to, due to all the snow and freezing temps. Yuck. I am now, officially ready for spring, or at least, warmer weather. So, I'm spending tonight cleaning up my hard drive. I'm going to give DSL a one year chance and then, if it doesn't work out, I'll craw back to my trusty dial up. I just made a back up of my hard drive stuff: 15 cd's!! now thats what I call junk. so far, its all keeper stuff.
I also will be busy creating a birthday card for my old swimming buddy, and one or two music cd's. I'm thinking of listing what music I burn, just so you have an idea of what the "good stuff" is like. So, I'm off for tonight.
I hope you all have great weekend. but be careful, please...
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