Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Fun Thursday night.

Ever have a nice quiet night at home, wishing just to be able to watch a new movie, when the stupid phone rings, and rings and rings some more? I had 4 people call me while I was trying to watch "We are the Night" a German vampire horror movie. I will have to "try" and watch it tonight. I spent hours trying to explain why a friend should remove "Web Root" anti-virus. He got it from Best Buy and paided for it for a year. It expired within 6 months. Now, he won't remove it and has installed yet another anti-virus program. Yay him. The Web Root is still running, and so is the newest program he installed. and from what he described, it sounds like he also has an maleware infestation going on. That was two phone calls. then two more came in and the movie ended??
I was on the phone so long, my battery died! I installed a new one and charged it for 15 hours.
That was all on Thursday.

Tonight, I think i'll play it safe and not answer the phone, or pretend I'm someone else. Yeah, thats the ticket. oh oh. here comes that cat, scooter. He wants to be lap held and petted.

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