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I think it was the flu......So why did I even bother getting a flu shot last fall??

Stupid! Here I am, battling a nasty, tummy turning virus, and I just found out that my pal also came down with the flu last Friday night (after seeing his wife-they live apart-do you think there is any connection??? naw, me neither). I feel better, but I do not like being scared, thank you very much! I also composed and printed and collated and stapled a 8 page newsletter, times 100! But, I also quit the club where I was doing that. I like using me, everybody else has to get permission.
I called and ordered broadband. $29.95 a month was a little too good not to get, since the dial up folks just increased their price. We'll see. Maybe I can finally get those icons done for Otana, Lurker and my honey, Processor. I didn't forget, I am not backing off what I want to create, thats all. So, its Friday night, and now I have to go visit my company
I hope you all have a great first weekend of March. Beware the ides, though.

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