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I'm still alive.....Just been under the weather.

Boy Howdy. If it isn't one thing.... I went to the doctors this past week for one thing, and almost ended up in the hospital for another! I woke up Saturday with the worst virus that seemed to be located between my eyes and ears! I tried to get up out of bed and couldn't stop the dizzy feeling. I was not on any drugs either. It felt like the flu coming on, but tonight, Sunday, at 12:39AM mom alright, I can't tell time either, but it feels better. Gosh, I was scared. Never want that to happen again. thank you very much.
When I get sick, I like, if I'm feeling half way ok, to watch a good old movie, or a cartoonie. There's something so very special about cuddling up with one of them, that makes be think back to the time when I still had my teddy bear and mom. there is nothing like feeling ok with the warmth of a mom or a teddy bear by you. ( unless, your an adult, then the teddy may be worn by your special friend....see, I'm starting to feel better already).
Missed reading all your entries. But I will. promise.
I've missed you guys.
I felt so very sad about that 17 year old girl who had that botched operation to change her heart and lungs. my god. how awful for all concerned.

well, time to rest up. I'm watching a old black and white silent film on turner Classic movies. Thank goodness Time warner AOL didn't get their hands on that.
heres hoping you all have the best week in this year.

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