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I'm ok, your ok, the computer is ok, my blood pressure is not!

Wow, what a week! What a year!!! I'm sitting back, hanging with my best friend in the whole wide world, " my dog yogi, the rescue samoyed". He's nice to hang with. The perfect listener.
Ok, I went to the Dr. today to have a Med check with the stupid high blood pressure I was dianosed with last July 3th., after all these months of taking that really little pill, it was 154 over 94, with heart rate of 88. "Why not just throw dirt in my face now?"
of course, my friend who gets my BP up to begin with, volunteered to take me to the stupid dr.s. It seems like everybody is abandoning this particular dr. warning sign!!!!!
But I went anyway. it is hard to find a good dr. SO now, I take twice as much dope and have to go back in 30 days. whoppie! That was today, Monday. now Wednesday, I have to see my lovely dr. who only does certain things in his office. My god, i wonder what would happen if somebody had a heart attack in his office? He'd probably call the emergency number himself.
Now the real good news about my puter. the reason it won't work is simple: the stupid braces and clips that hold the Pentium II and pentium III chips securely, didn't come with the cooling assembly, so now I have to buy a whole unit ( 2 actually) and plug them in place. Cross your finger!
I still want to play Quake III with a dual processor machine.
So now, I take more drugs and i hate taking drugs.
I think I'm going to buy a site on the live journal thing. It is pretty cool.
ok, back to whatever I was doing before.

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