Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

so much for nice kitty.

we have a lot of foreclosures around here and people seem to pack up everything, except their pets. I've been feedling a few cats and tonight, one was really hungry. so i went to give him more food when my cat grabed my leg. he really sunk his claws into me. boy, was i pissed. i yelled at him and shut him upstairs. then i checked out my damage. i had to put antiseptic on several areas. boy, i was/am pissed. don't worry, i didn't hit my cat, just yelled at him and swated the paper on the table a few times. i let him out and he's hiding from me now. we're still friends, but I think he's got the message: don't hurt your pal. ( Thats me)
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