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First, my birthday, then STUPID CLUB MEETING, oh,

and then, Friday the 13th! Yahoo. Come on Jason. What a week. my Birthday and the wishes I received were great. The club meeting sucked. idiots. I can't believe how people behave. It will always amaze me to no end. We held an club election, and there was a question why no ballot count was given. The secretary made a motion to seal the ballots for 30 days( kids, don't trust anybody over 30!). The person who was to hold the ballots was the same dude who wouldn't provide a ballot count.
Didn't I say this was great stuff!

otherwise, the week was ok. still, no icon thing making programski.
I did do some more work on the clubs web page.
for what its worth.
I feel kind of alone right now, both in body, and in mind. I can't believe folks could shut their eyes to what is going on around them.
enough b.s.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
I just watched eight Legged Freaks as a pay per view. Save your money ( even though its by some of the same folks who brough us Independance day and Godzilla.

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