Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Terrible day....

I thought I'd start the day off good by calling Walgreens and try to straighten out my prescription mess, the nurse created yesterday. She phoned in a prescription for 90 pills. Thats nice, but I only take about 15 or so every 6 months. Besides the $441.00 pricy cost, I decided to have it changed back to 15 per quarter. Yeah. Walgreens said no problem. Good Walgrens.
I then walked up to the avenue to get some snack stuff for when I watch Gundam Wings tonight.

Then everything fell apart. My best friend in the whole wide world's daughter called in tears, to tell me my friend has cancer of the everything, it seems. They can't treat any of his problems. So here I've been, crying my eyes out thinking I won't see my pal anymore.

more later. phone calls to make.

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