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I have dumb ass friends.....

I can't believe how people will act, when they're on the telephone, out of sight, so to speak. My neighbor called, all upset and angry, and my brother was upstairs and I was in the front bedroom. My friends, who will not pay for cable tv, were over to my house, "Watching cable TV" , cause he can't get any good channels ( did IQ points suddently drop in the world??) well, he picked up the phone before either of us could get to it, and when he hear it was my neighbor, he started laughting at her and so did my brothers friend, out of no particular reason, just felt like laughting at someone. Now if your upset and call a neighbor to chat and lean on them, the last thing you want to happen is to be laughted at. She hung up on him and I called her right back. She hissed almost like a snake, she was so angry and upset, she hung up on me. That was Wednesday night. I've called twice and she has not returned my calls. Remember what the subject of this LJ was titled? you got it.
On a nicer side, my pooch is acting more and more like this is his home. He isn't scared when he has an accident in the house ( even though I do yell at him- bad doggie-he responds by waging his tail!)

Otherwise, it's been a good weekend. I now have to get ready for my birthday. it's December 10th. My god, when did the time(life!!) go??
I think I'll make up a pretend gift list, just for you guys. With the economy the way it is, the thought means more than the actual gift.

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