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What a day.......Now I know why they put so much paper on the toilet paper roll.

It's a bad day. Voices raised due to anger over unpaid bills ( not ours, a friends of ours) People calling from foreign countries, trying to collect on my 14 YEAR OLD BILLS, which the original people have refused to accept cause they sold them?????? Yeah, now that makes sense!! My payment to DirecTV was somehow canceled after 20 days!!!! I couldn't figured out why I had so much money in my account.
and, the good thing is, my dog Blaze is one happy puppy, by brothers cold is much better and we're all in pretty good health, except me and losing weight. I've been putting it off, due to the amount of investment I have to make. But, I have to.
ok, there,. Now I'm through bitching. Felt good though.

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