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"YIKES" I'm only 1/3 done with Christmass shoping and I'm already broke!" SEND MONEY!

Damn, why is it, whenever it's Christmass, and I don't know what to get people, I have oodles of money. But when I know what to get them, I'm broke???? Bummer... oh well. I did manage to get my brother 3 cd's of Aerosmith. Gosh, I couldn't remember any songs from them. I was kind of hoping someone might just get me the Moody Blues to my childrens, childrens, childrens. I guess the only way to get all of their albums, is to buy all of their album. ( did I take my medicine this morning??) ok. Time to read up on Linux. I'm going to install it on my old AMD K-6 166mhz. Yeah. Microsoft free!!!
ok, back to work.

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